Standard Input Output Norms IO Norms SION

Standard Input Output Norms
or SION in short is standard norms which define the amount of input/inputs required to manufacture unit of output for export purpose. Input output norms are applicable for the products such as electronics, engineering, chemical, food products including fish and marine products, handicraft, plastic and leather products etc. SION is notified by DGFT in the Handbook (Vol.2), 2002-07 and is approved by its Boards of Directors. An application for modification of existing Standard Input-Output norms may be filed by manufacturer exporter and merchant-exporter. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) from time to time issue notifications for fixation or addition of SION for different export products. Fixation of Standard Input Output Norms facilitates issues of Advance License to the exporters of the items without any need for referring the same to the Headquarter office of DGFT on repeat basis

Basics Requirements of  Standard Input Output Norms

For fixation / modification of Standard Input Output Norms (SION) following details are required:

  • Technical Details of the export product as per the details given in Appendix 33.

  • Chartered Engineer certificate certifying the import requirements of raw materials in the format given in Appendix 32B.

  • Production and Consumption data of the manufacturer/supporting manufacturer of the preceding three licensing years as given in serial no 3 of sub section XII, duly certified by the Chartered accountant/ Cost & Works Accountant/ Jurisdictional
    Excise Authority.

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