Export Product Code under Exim Policy Schedule 2

Itc(hs)  export import classification relevant latest notifications

Table - A

Table-A Goods Falling in More than One Chapter of ITC (HS) Classification


Table - B

Chapter 1-Live Animals

Chapter -2 -Meat and Edible Meat Offal

Chapter-3-Fish and Crustaceans, Molluscs and other Aquatic Invertebrates

Chapter -4

Chapter-5 - Products of Animal Origin

Chapter-6 - Live Trees and other Plants; Bulb, Roots and the Like; Cut Flowers
and Ornamental Foliage

Chapter-7 - Edible Vegetables and Certain Roots and Tubers

Chapter-10 - Cereals

Chapter-12 - Oils Seeds and Oleginous Fruits; Miscellaneous Grains, Seeds and
Fruit; Industrial or Medicinal Plants; Straw and Fodder

Chapter-13 - Lac, Gums, Resins and Other Vegetable Saps and Extracts

Chapter-14 - Vegetable Plaiting Materials ,Vegetable Products not elsewhere
specified or included

Chapter-15 - Animal or Vegetable Fats and Oils and their Cleavage Products;
Prepared Edible Fats; Animal or Vegetable Waxes

Chapter-17 - Sugars and Sugar Confectionery

Chapter-23 - Residues and Waste from the Food Industries; Prepared Animal Fodder

Chapter-25 - Salt; Sulphur; Earths and Stone; Plastering Materials, Lime and

Chapter-26 - Ores, Slag and Ash

Chapter-27 - Mineral Fuels; Mineral Oils and Products of their Distillation;
Bituminous Substances; Mineral waxes

Chapter-28 - Inorganic Chemicals; Organic or Inorganic Compounds of Precious
Metals, of Rare-Earth Metals, of Radioactive Elements of Isotopes

Chapter-29 - Organic Chemicals

Annexure A

Annexure B

Chapter-30 - Pharmaceutical Products 

Chapter-31 - Fertilisers

Chapter-32 - Tanning or Dyeing Extracts; Tannings and their Derivatives; Dyes,
Pigments and other Colouring Matter; Paints and Varnishes; Putty and other
Mastics; Inks

Chapter-33 - Essential Oils and Resinoids; Perfumery, Cosmetic or Toilet

Chapter-38 - Miscellaneous Chemical Products

Chapter-40 - Rubber and Articles thereof

Chapter-41 - Raw Hides and Skins (other than Furskins) and leather

Chapter-44 - Wood and Articles of Wood; Wood Charcoal

Chapter-47 - Pulp of Wood or of other Fibrous Cellulosic Material; Waste and
Scrap of Paper or Paperboard

Chapter-50 - Silk

Chapter-52 -Cotton 

Chapter-84 - Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, Machinery and Mechanical Appliances;
Parts thereof

Chapter-87 - Vehicles other than Railway or Tramway Rolling Stock, and Parts and
Accessories thereof

Chapter-92 - Musical Instruments Parts and Accessories of such articles

Chapter-93 - Arms and Ammunition; Parts and Accessories thereof

Chapter-97 - Miscellaneous Goods

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